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The Humped Back Flute Player


The KOKOPELLI(equated with the humpedbacked Flute Player) is a rain priest greeted with respect. This engaging and mythical being is found in the Southwest from the four corners into northern Mexico. He appears many times either painted or carved on rocks and pottery.

He generates considerable interest because he is recognised as the KACHINA that plays his flute to call the rain which is a necessity for the maturation of crops. In his hump he carried seeds of plants and flowers (of human reproduction also) and with the music of his flute he created warmth.

He is said to wander from village to village with a bag of songs on his back and a symbol of fertility. He was particularly welcome during the corn planting seasons. Some say it was the seeds of his life he carried and is unanimously a bringer of joy and happiness. He is very important throughout the southwest due to his position and interrelationships with other tribes.

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